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Lloyds Bank appointed Independent Schools Association (ISA) preferred supplier

The Independent Schools Association represents over 320 of the best accredited schools across the UK and beyond. ISA schools cover the complete age range and vary in size and nature, from early years to senior, boarding and day, co-educational and single gender.

ISA also represents many specialist schools in the arts, music and special needs. Through accreditation and support of such diversity, we promote parental choice and help to ensure high standards in British independent education.

All ISA schools and colleges share a desire to meet fully the needs of the young people in their care, treating everyone as individuals and providing a high quality and personalised education. They encourage pupils to make the most of their talents, building confidence through academic achievement and offering a wide range of extra-curricular activities.

ISA works closely with member Heads not only to sustain our own schools by providing information, training and advice, but to influence the education debate at a national level and promote independence and choice. ISA also provides first class enrichment opportunities for pupils in a range of national competitions covering Sport, Drama and the Arts.

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