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RICS banking partner

We're proud to have been chosen as the RICSVisit the RICS website. (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors) preferred banking partner. It means we can get a better understanding of the industry and its needs.

Download the RICS Small Business Property GuideRICS Small Business Property Guide, PDF, approximately 6.7mb in size. Opens in a new window.

Banking solutions for RICS members

The General Client Deposit Account (GCDA)

The GCDA caters for firms operating deposits on behalf of their clients. As an alternative to traditional 'discrete accounts'1 we can offer you a specially designed banking service, which will assist you in becoming compliant with RICS regulations, stop errors and provide an opportunity to generate an income for your firm2.

Features and benefits

  • Competitive interest rates2.
  • Assists you in becoming compliant with rule eight of RICS Rules of Conduct for firms.
  • Direct phone line to your real estate relationship manager and support team.
  • Easy-to-use reports supporting 'three way' reconciliation.
  • Online capability.

Client Call Account and Designated Client Call Account

Our client accounts are ideal for any business that holds money for clients. The accounts offer no minimum or maximum withdrawal limit as long as you have cleared funds available, and there are normally no transaction charges.

Find out more about our Client Call Account

Find out more about our Designated Client Call Account

Business Current Account

Our switcher accounts have an introductory offer of six months’ free daily banking. Terms and conditions apply3.


You can speed up payment of your fees and eliminate the risk of returned cheques by accepting payment from your clients using plastic cards. This quick and convenient method can improve your cashflow and can be attractive and simple for your clients, too. Customers prefer to pay by card and are not limited by the cash or cheques they are carrying. Discounted rates are available for RICS members.

For more information, speak to your real estate relationship manager or call us on 0800 056 8669 (option one) and quote RICS.

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Supporting RICS members

In addition to our banking products and services we aim to assist RICS members in a number of other different ways, including:

  • involvement in our charter events throughout the UK
  • joint Continuing Professional Development initiatives
  • sponsorship of events and initiatives to support the local community.

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