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Products for solicitors

We provide a high quality service to solicitors. Our specialist managers in England and Wales are Lexcel-trained by the Law Society and, as well as understanding the legal sector, will work with you to get to know your business and develop a comprehensive package that meets your banking needs.

Our specialist Relationship Managers and their support teams are also trained in the SRA Accounts Rules and we believe that, with us, you're choosing a bank that offers a comprehensive understanding of your profession and your business.

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Once you have an open and active current account with us, depending on your eligibility, we offer two services:

  • Current Account Switch Service
  • Transfer of Payment Arrangements Service.

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  • Clearing House Automatic Payment System (CHAPS) is a fast, reliable and secure method of guaranteeing same-day payment of cleared funds in the UK.
  • Effective for any payments made before 3.30pm. 
  • Payments will be made for you at your instruction or you can send them direct from your offices using enhanced online banking.

Find out more about CHAPSFind out more about CHAPS

Enhanced online banking

A comprehensive, secure online electronic banking package which enables you to:

  • securely monitor and control your accounts
  • view all your banking information when and how it suits you
  • make inter-account transfers
  • make BACS, CHAPS and international payments direct from your computer
  • receive notification of CHAPS receipts
  • import and export information to and from your accounting software.

Setting up UK Sterling direct debits

  • Makes debiting your client bank accounts directly simple, quick and effective.
  • Puts you in control, particularly where monthly or quarterly retainers have been agreed.
  • To become an issuer of direct debits you need bank sponsorship – speak to your relationship manager for more details.

Accepting card payments

  • Speed up payment of your fees.
  • Eliminate the risk of returned cheques from your clients using plastic cards.
  • Quick and convenient method to improve your cashflow, which is attractive for your clients too.
  • Cardnet can help you choose the right card acceptance solution for your business.
  • Keep track of card transactions with intuitive reporting tools, including VAT reporting.
  • The initial joining fee for Cardnet© is waived for our solicitor customers.

Find out more about Cardnet®

Business Debit Card

  • Ensure funds are debited directly from your business account.
  • Conveniently withdraw money from cashpoint machines and in millions of outlets worldwide, wherever the Visa sign is displayed.
  • Easily manage accounts with detailed statements that show retailer details.
  • Pay no annual fee.

Find out more about our Business Debit CardFind out more about our Business Debit Card

Business Charge Card

  • Withdraw money from cash machines at home and abroad, wherever the Visa sign is displayed.
  • Get up to 36 days interest-free credit.
  • Request multiple cards and apply spending limits to each cardholder.
  • Settle all cardholders' balances by direct debit.
  • Pay just £32 per card per year.

Find out more about our Business Charge CardFind out more about our Business Charge Card

Business Credit Card

  • Withdraw up to £500 per cardholder per day within the limit.
  • Manage costs efficiently with a tailored repayment plan and detailed monthly statements.
  • Get up to 45 days interest free credit on Sterling purchases if balances are paid in full and on time on your previous and latest statements.
  • Pay just a £32 annual fee per card.

Find out more about our Business Credit CardFind out more about our Business Credit Card

Maximise returns and comply with SRA Account Rules with our choice of client money accounts.

Client Call Account

  • Use this to hold your general client account money.
  • Interest will be added gross to your office account each month.
  • Instant access provided as standard.
  • You have the choice of daily, weekly or monthly statements.

Find out more about our Client Call AccountFind out more about our Client Call Account

Designated Clients’ Call Account

  • Separate accounts for straightforward reconciliation, allowing you to manage your clients' money more efficiently.
  • Keep the funds of several clients separate from each other, with interest applied directly to the designated account in each case.
  • Interest will be paid in accordance with the tax status of the designated client.
  • For your convenience, each individual account can be opened and closed by fax.
  • Interest is calculated daily and credited to clients' accounts on a monthly basis. Instant access is provided as standard.
  • For larger client balances, tailored rates are available. We are happy to talk to you about your deposit needs to find the right option for you and your clients.

Find out more about our Designated Clients’ Call AccountFind out more about our Designated Clients’ Call Account

Business loans

We can offer a variety of flexible funding options including fixed, variable and hedged rates. You could use a business loan to:

  • move into new premises
  • refurbish your existing offices
  • consolidate your existing loans.

We look at each proposal on its own merits, providing a bespoke solution where possible. For example, we could help you to settle inheritance tax commitments, prior to probate being granted, where clients have appointed one or more solicitors in the firm as executors.


An overdraft offers you the flexibility to manage the peaks and troughs of your business cashflow. Having the funds available as and when you need them helps you focus on running your business.

Asset Finance

Asset Finance, including hire purchase and leasing, is a service provided by Lloyds Bank Commercial Finance. You can use Asset Finance to:

  • purchase vehicles
  • purchase office equipment
  • fund your insurance premiums.

Vehicle and equipment purchases are financed through hire purchase or lease over periods of up to five years with the asset being used to provide security.

Find out more about Asset FinanceFind out more about Asset Finance

Commercial Mortgage

  • Get the funding you need to purchase your office premises.
  • For practice property we will lend up to 100% of the property value, subject to credit assessment.
  • Choose a bank rate linked or fixed rate mortgage, depending on what suits your needs.

Find out more about our Commercial MortgageFind out more about our Commercial Mortgage

Our essential business insurance is arranged and underwritten by Arthur J. Gallagher Insurance Brokers Limited. You can choose your level of cover so you're not paying for protection you don't need.

Some of the types of cover Arthur J. Gallagher can offer to businesses trading from office premises are:

  • Employers liability – up to £10 million as standard (£5 million for acts of terrorism).
  • Buildings and contents – completely flexible for you to select the limit of cover.
  • Business interruption – cover for 12 months (£250,000 as standard with the option to increase).
  • Other specified items – option to insure equipment taken off the premises, such as laptops.

You won't pay interest for spreading your payments by UK Sterling monthly direct debit and there are no administration charges for making changes to your cover.

Find out more about our business insurance servicesFind out more about our business insurance services

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The legal services sector is unique, so we offer banking designed for your profession. We have a range of different products and services designed to meet your banking needs.

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