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In partnership with Mental Health UK

Many business owners and leaders feel they need help with their mental health but don’t know where to start.

Developed in partnership with Mental Health UK, the content in this hub is designed to provide tips and guidance for improving mental health and building resilience to help set you and your business up for success. 

Free therapeutic coaching sessions – now fully booked

Through our partnership with Mental Health UK, we offered a significant number of therapeutic coaching sessions to UK business owners delivered by expert coaches from Mental Health UK.

Following a really positive response in terms of take-up, the sessions are now fully booked.

We know many business owners may still need help with their mental health and improving their resilience, so we hope you’ll find the content featured on this page, developed with Mental Health UK, useful.

You can also refer to the other sources of support featured at the bottom of this page.

Latest content

The impact of therapeutic coaching

Read about the outcomes and insights of the therapeutic coaching sessions that small business owners had access to as part of our Stronger Mind, Stronger Business initiative in partnership with Mental Health UK.

Therapeutic coaching reflections

Self-esteem in business leadership

Laurence Davies, a Therapeutic Coach who supported business leaders as part of the Stronger Mind, Stronger Business initiative, explores the role of self-esteem in business leadership.

Learn more about self-esteem in leadership 

Burnout: a business leader’s guide 

Mental Health UK have launched their annual benchmark report capturing the public’s perceptions of burnout and contributing factors. Discover the findings and read about possible solutions to burnout.

Read more about burnout 

Mental Health UK research on small business owners shows:

80% are experiencing symptoms of poor mental health.

44% have never accessed mental health support.


24% don’t know that help is available.

Therapeutic coaching stories

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A fresh new perspective on farming

Find out how Hugh changed his old patterns, improved wellbeing and his quality of life.

Read Hugh’s Story

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Better navigating business challenges

Discover top tips on how to remain resilient as a small business owner, and why Emma recommends therapeutic coaching.

Read Emma’s Story

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Therapeutic coaching to build mental resilience

Find out how the right tools and place to talk helped improve strategic business planning.

Read Cultureville’s story

How mental health impacts your business

Stronger mind, stronger business

Understand the ways in which your mental health can affect yours and your business’ performance. 

Effects of mental health

5 early warning signs

How to identify whether your mental health may be affecting your business.

More on the warning signs

Developing resilience, coping with stress and anxiety

10 tips for resilience

Our experts’ top 10 tips for strengthening your resilience.

Read top 10 tips

Managing stress and anxiety

How to deal with stress, anxiety and depression.

Manage stress and anxiety

The importance of talking about mental health

How to talk about mental health

Mental health is just as important as physical health but it can be much more difficult for people to talk about. Read tips on talking about it. 

Talking about mental health

How coaching can help build mental resilience

Understand more about therapeutic coaching sessions and how they can help build your mental resilience.

How coaching can help

Supporting your employees’ mental health

As well as improving your own mental health, supporting your employees with their mental health is key to a business’ success.

Supporting your employees

Other sources of support

If the therapeutic coaching sessions referred to above aren’t suitable for you but you’re looking for other types of support – below you’ll find some other useful sources and information.

If you’re experiencing a severe mental health difficulty, significant distress or thoughts of suicide you can visit:

If you or someone you know is in need of urgent, life-saving support, please call 999 or go to your nearest Accident and Emergency (A&E) department.

If you’re looking for support specifically around finances - visit our Financial Worries support page

If you’re struggling with both finances and mental health you can visit Mental Health Money Advice

If you’re interested in business mentoring you can find a business mentor through Be the Business

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