Automate and simplify your business processes by digitising your payment submissions.
Accept payments, send payments and manage your business in a cost effective and efficient manner using our APIs.

What is an API?

We use APIs in everyday life, when we book a flight, check your bank balance online or call a taxi using an app. An API, or Application Programming Interface, is a technology which connects  one piece  of software to another over the internet and requests information or for instructions to be actioned.

Our Payment API solutions


A simpler, more efficient way for you to send immediate payments to suppliers or staff 24/7* from your own systems.

  • No need to log into your internet banking to make payments
  • Great for early payments, financing, customer refunds, claims and much more
  • Enhanced user experience for your customers

PayFrom Bank

Allow your customers to make payments on your website directly from their bank account without entering payment details

  • Another way for your customers to pay
  • Seamless user experience for your customers
  • Quicker and cheaper than accepting card payments

Event Driven Notifications

Receive real-time notifications of Debits and Credits, along with returned payment information to enable you to quickly and accurately reconcile your transactions without manual intervention

  • Improve working capital management through automated reconciliations
  • Reduce operational risk by removing manual intervention
  • Efficiency via a simplified operational process

Confirmation of Payee

Verify beneficiaries to give you the confidence needed to safely make payments

  • Reduce risk and mitigate fraud
  • Verify beneficiaries at the beginning or periodically throughout your relationship
  • Real-time beneficiary verification calls

Key features and benefits


  • Secure - encrypted data exchange
  • Accuracy - less human error with automation


  • Always on - 24/7* with real time notifications
  • Immediate - real time execution

Future proof

  • Future proof - integrated with your own systems
  • Scale- designed - to scale with you as your business grows

Discuss your needs with a Payments specialist

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How it works

PayFrom solution

Watch our video on how our PayFrom product will allow you to take payments in more ways than before

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Our API suite

Understand how our suite of APIs can drive end to end payment process efficiencies


Can’t find what you’re looking for?

We offer bespoke solutions to allow you to send and receive payments in a way that suits your business.

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Looking to accept card payments online?

Accept payments through your website quickly and securely with Lloyds Bank Online Payments. A hosted payment page for online payments. Simple setup with a clear and simple pricing structure.

*There may be periods when we are required to suspend access to the system for routine maintenance.

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