Access to Economics and Markets Insights

MiFID II inducement rules apply to the provision of non-monetary benefits, including research, to firms that manage third-party investments or provide invesment advice, in order to manage the risk that its research could be considered as an inducement, Lloyds has chosen to make research it distributes openly available, free of charge, via its website. This is in line with guidance from ESMA, the European Securities and Markets Authority. 

While most of our research is appropriate for smaller investers categorised as Retail investors under Financial Condict Authority (FCA) rules, some of it is only appropriate for larger Professional investors who are considered to be sufficiently expert to be able to properly assess any risks associated with any investment recommendations in the research. Before assessing any of our research you will be asked to confirm whether you are a Retail investor, and if so will be directed to the research materials that are appropriate for you.

Research intended for Professional investors should not be used or relied upon by Retail investors. Additionally, research can only be accessed if you are within the European Economic Area (EEA). Anyone accessing our research from outside the EEA will be redirected back to the homepage.

If you require bespoke research, please contact us at so we can discuss your requirements.

Please confirm whether you are a Retail investor or a Non-Retail investor.