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Current Account for new businesses

Get your business off to the best possible start with our simple current account.

  • 18 months’ free day-to-day business banking¥ for new businesses
  • Simple pricing and free electronic payments
  • Dedicated support from our UK-based business management team

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Switch to us

We’ll take the hassle out of moving your business bank account.

  • Simple pricing and free electronic payments
  • 6 months’ free day-to-day business banking¥ when you switch
  • Guaranteed switch in 7 working days, from when your account is opened

Current Account Switch Guarantee

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Deposit cheques on the go

Pay in cheques up to £500 using the mobile app. Most will clear in just two days.

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Enhanced online security

Soon we’re introducing new ways to log on to give you an extra layer of security in Online for Business.

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Our Business Banking Instant Access account makes it easy to save without limiting your cashflow.

Compare our Business Banking products and services

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Business Banking Insight

Review alternative sources of business finance and compare products and services.


Funding options

Alternative Business Funding


International Trade Portal

A powerful insight platform, with practical support that helps you trade internationally with your chosen market.