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Commercial Landlord Insurance

If you rent out offices, shops or residential properties (or a mixture of all of them), you could choose a policy which covers your entire portfolio. Commercial Landlord Insurance is ideal for landlords or businesses which rent out properties for commercial use, or which have a mixed portfolio of commercial and residential buildings.

Specialist Advice

Commercial Landlord Insurance is brought to you by Arthur J. Gallagher Insurance Brokers Limited, one of the UK’s biggest insurance brokers.  Their specialist advice will help you decide on the cover you need, and they’ll search among their panel of leading insurers to find you that cover at the right price.

Lloyds Bank Business Insurance Services is the right choice

  • Insure multiple properties on a single policy
  • Choose between multiple quotes for landlord insurance
  • Take advantage of competitive pricing
  • Choose the types of landlord cover you need
  • Get access to a proactive and determined claims management service
  • Obtain impartial advice from specialist advisors in a UK call centre

For a Commercial Landlord Insurance quotes call 0345 377 0006Call telephone number 0345 377 0006 (9am to 5pm Monday to Friday)

Tailor your own Commercial Landlord Insurance policy

You can choose the cover you need for your properties. Cover options include:

Type of cover What is covered
Buildings If your property is damaged and has to be repaired or rebuilt due to an insured event such as vandalism or storms.
Landlord’s Contents Items that you have provided for your tenants, such as fixtures and fittings, shelving or racking, if they are damaged or destroyed by an insured event.
Property Owner’s Liability You are protected if a person is injured or there is damage to their property as a result of your negligence.
Loss of Rent Your cash flow is protected if, after an insured event such as flood or fire, your tenants stop paying rent or have to move out. If your tenants do have to move out, the costs of arranging alternative accommodation on their behalf is also covered.
Accidental Damage Accidental damage to the building and its fixtures and fittings. For example, if you or your tenants accidentally smash a window or drop something and crack a sink.
Subsidence, Landslip and Heave Damage to your property as a result of a movement in the ground supporting your property.
Employers' Liability
You are protected if an employee is injured or dies as a result of your negligence.
Legal Expenses Your legal expenses in proceedings such as contract disputes, debt recovery and evicting squatters.
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Call to get a quote

For Commercial Landlord Insurance quotes you can call

0345 377 0006Call telephone number 0345 377 0006

(Lines available from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday)

When you call, you’ll need the following details to hand:

  • Details of the property/properties to be insured.
  • Any claims you’ve previously made on the same property/properties.
  • Any security protection at the property/properties.
  • How many employees you have and what kind of work they do.

Insurance terms, conditions and exclusions vary according to the individual insurer. Landlords, please check you’ll have all the cover you need by reading the policy documentation carefully (this will be provided during the quoting process).

Need Advice?

If you are not sure what you need, call to speak to specialist Commerical Landlord insurance advisors

0345 377 0006Call telephone number 0345 377 0006

Lines available from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday

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