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Euro Current Account

Our Euro Current Account has been created to ensure the process of trading in Euros is simple and convenient to manage.

Our Euro Current Accounts provide flexibility to help to maximise trade opportunities within the Eurozone as you need to be able to hold Euro currency balances, receive and make international payments to meet your Eurozone trading requirements.

Why open a Euro Current Account?

  • Simplify the payment and receipt of Euros
  • Helps to manage exposure to exchange rate movements
  • Minimises foreign exchange costs
  • Transfer money from a Sterling business account to your Euro Current Account
  • Chequebook available
  • Simple application process and no minimum balance required.

If you have excess Euro funds which you intend to hold for a period of time, you may wish to review our Currency Deposit Accounts Products which may help to maximise your interest on surplus funds. You can find information on our Currency Deposit Accounts here.

To apply for a Euro Current Account you should:

  • already hold a Sterling business account with us
  • require the Euro Current Account for business use
  • be aged 18 or over
  • be a sole trader, partner or director

Terms & Conditions

Interest Rates

Account Maintenance Fee
Euro Current Account £24 per year (fee taken in two instalments of £12 charged either in March/September or April/October)1


1 The application of the Account Maintenance Fee will depend on the currency of the account being debited. If the fee is being debited from a related GBP sterling account it will be charged in March and September. If the fee is being debited from the Euro Current Account it will be charged in April and October.

On the phone
0345 072 5555

Please call us to talk to our business management team. We are available from 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday.

If you are a new customer to Lloyds Bank you will need to open a Sterling business account with us in order to open a Euro Current Account.

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