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Commercial Foreign Currency Account & Euro Current Account Interest Rates

Credit Interest

Credit Interest is not payable on this account

Debit Interest

For any unauthorised borrowing, the unauthorised borrowing interest rate will be linked to the currency’s external Reference Interest Rate + 12% margin.

Reference Interest Rates

The Reference Interest Rate can vary either up or down on a daily basis. If the Reference Interest Rate falls below 0%, it will be treated as 0% until such time it exceeds 0%. For currencies not listed in the table below please contact your Business Management Team.

Currency Currency Code Central Bank Reference Interest Rate available from Reference Interest Rate
Australian Dollar AUD Reserve Bank of Australia Cash Rate
Canadian Dollar CAD Bank of Canada Overnight Rate Target
Czech Republic Koruna CZK Czech National Bank Discount Rate
Danish Krone DKK Danmarks Nationalbank Certificates of Deposit Rate
Euro EUR European Central Bank Euro Overnight Index Average (EONIA)
Hong Kong Dollar HKD The Hong Kong Association of Banks HKAB Interest Settlement Overnight Rate
Hungarian Forint HUF Magyar Nemzeti Bank Base Rate
Israel Shekel ILS Bank of Israel Quoted Basic Interest Rate (Prime Rate)
Japanese Yen JPY Bank of Japan Uncollateralised Overnight Call Rate
Mexican Peso MXN Banco de Mexico Overnight Interest Rate Target
Moroccan Dirham MAD Bank Al Maghrib Key Rate
New Zealand Dollar NZD Reserve Bank of New Zealand Official Cash Rate
Norwegian Krone NOK Norges Bank Key Policy Rate
Polish Zloty PLN Narodowy Bank Polski Rediscount Rate
Qatari Riyal QAR Qatar Central Bank QMR Overnight Deposit
Saudi Arabian Riyal SAR Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority Official Repo Rate
Singapore Dollar SGD Monetary Authority of Singapore Singapore Overnight Rate Average (SORA)
South African Rand ZAR South African Reserve Bank Repo Rate
Swedish Krone SEK Sveriges Riksbank Repo Rate
Swiss Franc CHF Swiss National Bank Swiss Average Rate Overnight (SARON)
Thai Baht THB Bank of Thailand One Day Repurchase Rate
Turkey New Lira TRY Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey One Week Repo Rate
UAE Dirham AED Central Bank of the UAE Please refer to your RM Overnight Repurchase Rate
US Dollar USD Federal Reserve Bank of NY Federal Funds Target Rate (Upper Bound)

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