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International Payments

Making payments across borders and time zones ought to be straight-forward – and it is. Whether you are making online payments in Sterling or in foreign currencies you can expect:

Online payments

  • Secure bank-to-bank transfers.
  • Send money to almost any country in the world.
  • Option to store details for repeat payments.

To make regular payments in Euros, SEPA direct debits could be the most efficient solution.

If you have a foreign currency account or if you prefer to make your international payments at a branch, there are four ways to do it:

Express International Moneymover

The quickest way of sending payments abroad, including in Euros, provided the beneficiary’s bank is in the European Economic Area (EEA)*.

Payments in Euros can take one business day to arrive at the beneficiary’s bank, but will usually arrive on the business day on which we receive your instructions**.

Payments in other currencies, including Sterling, may take up to four business days to arrive at the beneficiary’s bank, but usually arrive within two to three business days of your instruction**.

Standard International Moneymover

For sending non-Euro payments abroad. Payments in Sterling can take a maximum of 4 days to arrive with the beneficiary’s bank, but normally arrive within two business days*. Payments in EEA currencies, other than Euro, can take up to four business days to arrive at the beneficiary’s bank, provided the beneficiary’s bank is in the EEA**. Payments outside the EEA and/or in non-EEA currencies can take up to five business days to arrive at the beneficiary’s bank.

Non-urgent Single Euro Payment Area Service

For planned Euro payments overseas and within the UK. Payments will arrive one business day after your instruction**.

International drafts

Have a bank cheque in Sterling or foreign currency issued directly to you, made payable to the person or company who receives the funds.

Foreign exchange rate

International Payments are converted using the Lloyds Bank exchange rate. The Lloyds Bank exchange rate is based on the rate at which we buy and/or sell currency in the wholesale markets plus a percentage FX margin.

To find out about our latest FX margins, please click the link below.

Business Foreign Exchange (FX) Margins


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