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Residential Buy-to-let Mortgage

If you would like to grow your capital and rental income, then our Residential Buy-to-let Mortgage could suit you. Property can be a big cost for many businesses so it is important to manage that investment wisely.

Our Residential Buy-to-let Mortgage is suitable for any individual or business that derives its main source of income from the sector and owns property let for residential occupation, multiple occupation and student lets.

Features and benefits

  • Mortgages start from £25,001.
  • Choose a mortgage term from three to 25 years.
  • Borrow up to 70% of the property value and in some cases we can lend more.
  • Bank of England Bank Rate linked and fixed rates available.
  • A capital repayment holiday may be available for up to 12 months (to be taken at the start of the loan).
  • Repayments on a fixed rate residential buy-to-let mortgage remain the same even if the bank rate rises or falls.1
  • If you repay part or all of your fixed rate mortgage before the end of the agreed term there may be a breakage cost2.

If you wish to borrow on other terms we may still be able to help you. Tell us about your plans and needs, we will then agree the interest rate with you.

You also need to know that:

  • An arrangement fee, security and valuation charges will apply.
  • For interest only, the actual amount borrowed doesn't reduce during the life of the mortgage so you need to repay the full capital amount at the end of the mortgage term.
  • We will require a first legal charge over the property as security. This means if you are remortgaging an existing property, any loan secured on it must normally be repaid before completion.

Easy-to-follow figures so you can make comparisons.

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To apply for this mortgage, you must:

  • require the mortgage for business use
  • be a sole trader, partner or director with authority to borrow on behalf of your business
  • be aged 18 or over.

One of our business management team will be happy to speak with you about your application. However, before you get in touch, please make sure you’ve prepared answers to the following:

  • How much would you like to borrow?
  • Why do you need these new premises?
  • What length of loan term do you expect?
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