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Bulk Payments Service

Our Bulk Payments Service is a simple, convenient and secure way to make regular payments such as wages, expenses and supplier payments. Managed via Online for Business, the service is ideal for companies that wish to make up to 25 payments in one batch.

Once you have agreed a limit with us (similar to an overdraft limit), you can set up the bank account details of everyone you wish to pay, as well as the dates and amounts of payments.

All lending is subject to status.

Features and benefits

  • Determine the date of each payment yourself.
  • Set up payments from two to 30 business days in advance.
  • Make credit and debit payments at the same time.
  • Stay in control of your payments via a full audit trail.
  • Potentially reduce your bank charges by using the Bulk Payments Service instead of cheques or bank giro credits.
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