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Savings rates

Our savings accounts allow you to invest in the future and manage cashflow at the same time. To help you decide which one is right for your business, view the rates that apply to each account.

Current rates:

Interest paid monthly *AER% **Gross%
£1 million+ 0.05 0.05
£250,000+ 0.05 0.05
£50,000+ 0.05 0.05
£10,000+ 0.05 0.05
£1+ 0.05 0.05

These interest rates are correct as at 14 April 2009.

This product is not linked to the reference interest rate.

In line with the product terms and conditions customers will be contacted should the rate on this product change.

Previous rates:

Interest paid monthly *AER% **Gross%
£1 million+ 0.10 0.10
£250,000+ 0.10 0.10
£100,000+ 0.10 0.10
£50,000+ 0.10 0.10
£1+ 0.10 0.10

These rates are correct prior to 14 April 2009.

Interest rates may vary from time to time.

We offer businesses many different ways to save. To decide which approach works best for your business, explore our full range of savings products.

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Business Savings Accounts

Whether you are looking for instant access, a better way to manage your clients' money or to invest a lump sum, we have a range of savings accounts to meet your needs.

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Manage your savings online

View your current and savings accounts side by side with Business Internet Banking.

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