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Designated Client Account

This account enables you to hold your clients' individual funds in separate accounts. It's suitable for any professional practice or other businesses that hold clients' money, for example: solicitors, accountants, insurance brokers, estate and managing agents.

Features and benefits

  • Instant access to your account.
  • Receive regular statements.
  • Invest between £1.00 and £5 million.
  • No minimum or maximum withdrawal limit as long as you have cleared funds available.
  • Interest is calculated daily and paid monthly.
  • Normally no transaction charges.

Easy-to-follow figures so you can make comparisons.

Find out more about our rates and charges

Make sure you understand the small print. For full details of our terms and conditions view the documents below.

Find out more about our terms and conditions

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Fixed Rate Term Deposit Account

Choose a fixed term that suits you and get a more competitive rate on your savings.

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Business Banking Clients’ Call Account

This account enables you to hold your clients' individual funds in separate accounts.

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We offer a variety of savings accounts designed to suit individual needs.

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How to apply

On the phone

0345 072 5555Call telephone number 0345 072 5555

Call us to talk to one of our relationship managers. We are available from 8am to 8pm Monday to Friday and 9am to 1pm on Saturday.

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Manage your savings online

View your current and savings accounts side by side with Internet Banking.

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Business Start-up Account

18 months free day-to-day business banking and support and guidance every step of the way.

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