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Products for Clubs, Charities and Societies

Select from a range of value for money products to help your non-profit organisation.

Treasurers Account

Our Treasurers account is a rewarding way for non-profits with a turnover of less than £50,000 to manage their funds.

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Business Current Account

Simple banking for new and established non-profit organisations with a turnover of more than £50,000.

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Savings accounts

If your organisation has extra funds, it’s important they’re working as hard as possible for you. We can help you save your money with our range of savings accounts:

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Borrowing options

If you have a Business Current Account we have a range of products that could help your organisation prosper1.

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Business Debit Card

Our Debit Card offers an efficient way to settle your daily expenses with funds being debited directly from your account.

Current Account Switch Service

Our dedicated switching team offer a simple and reliable service to help you switch your account.

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