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Top tips for buying a new car with Quentin Willson

Award-winning motor journalist Quentin Willson believes there is a growing demand for new cars thanks to the number of value for money, competitive deals available to consumers, which might make owning a new car better value than a used car.

So when looking for a new car, how do you make sure you’re getting a good deal? Quentin says there are four vital components to keep in mind when looking for your new purchase.

  1. Negotiate: dealers get bonuses from manufacturers to sell more cars so they’ll always  have a margin to play with. Negotiate and never pay the full retail price.
  2. Focus on change price: don’t get hung up on the price of your part exchange (if you have one) - compare the change price and you won’t get confused by lots of different prices for your old car.
  3. Strategic timing: buying at the end of the month, or quarter, can get a better price as dealers try to meet sales targets.
  4. Compare offers: don’t buy the first car you see and make sure the dealer or private seller knows that you know your prices and the state of the market

New car trends in the UK

We had a look at the trends in purchasing new cars in the UK. Last year, over 1.7 million cars were manufactured in the UK* - an increase of 11 percent from 2015. In addition, new car registrations in April 2016 hit their highest level in 13 years** and a recent survey by DJs Research found that 37 per cent of respondents change their car every five years***.

Most popular new cars purchased in the UK in 2016

Most popular new cars purchased in the UK in 2016



Green pie chart with car in the centre

   Ford Fiesta - 120,525

   Vauxhall Corsa - 77,000

   Ford Focus - 70,545

   Volkswagen Golf - 69,492

   Nissan Qashqai - 62,682

According to a survey by



97% Research
97 per cent of new car buyers arrive at dealerships having conducted online research.

69 per cent ask the dealer for advice
69 per cent ask the dealer for advice and are prepared to deviate from their online research.

Based on a survey by DJs research:



Green pie chart with car in the centre

   37% change their car every 5 years

   19% change their car every 2 years

   19% change their car every 8 years

  10% change their car every 10 years

   20% of respondents had no fixed pattern

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