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Buying a used car

In this series of videos Quentin Willson talks us through a few simple tips when buying a used car. 

Chapter 1 - Exterior and Interior

Quentin Willson explains what the condition of a cars exterior and interior can reveal. In this video we cover:  

  • body work, paint and exterior trim
  • headlamps
  • screen
  • wheels and tyres
  • interior.

Chapter 2 - Test Drive

Completing a test drive could be easier than you think. Here we'll take a look at:

  • what noises to listen for
  • how gear changes should feel
  • what to look on the dashboard
  • tell-tale signs from the engine.

Chapter 3 - Paperwork 

What the car looks and drives like is only part of the story. In this last video Quentin covers what you should look for:

  • in the paperwork
  • what information is available.