Introducing Zoom EV

If you’re looking for car finance for your electric car, we can help. But we want to support you at every stage of your journey. That’s why we’ve joined forces with Zoom EV.

Zoom EV are on a mission to make the EV experience easy and affordable by providing you with access to the key services you need to run your EV and save money, all while having a positive impact on the environment.

Who are Zoom EV?

  • Zoom EV is an independent company devoted to making the transition to electric seamless and driving positive change.
  • They provide discounts and benefits with leading EV brands – giving an EV driver everything they need to have a great experience with their vehicle.
  • Their community is helping reduce carbon emissions and they also donate a percentage of their profits to removing ocean plastic.

Get 50% off the key services you’ll need in your first year when you enter this single use offer code at checkout: LPS337

Check out the Bundle

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A Bundle to save you time and money

Home energy

To help you charge at home, Zoom EV are working with well-known companies in the green energy world to bring you cost-effective energy. 

Save on green energy

Home charging

If you have off-street parking, home charging is the easiest way to stay fully charged. Zoom EV’s charging options work with all EVs and include free installation and a 3-year warranty.

Charge at home

Public charging

Make every journey stress-free. Zoom EV have partnered with recognised charging networks to make sure you’ll have charging options when travelling in the UK.

Discover charging options


Get 20% off at locations nationwide when you pre-book with Zoom EV’s parking partners. Charge your car where it’s parked and take advantage of your charging subscription.

Save on parking

Important information

When clicking the links, you’ll leave the Lloyds site and we’ll directly connect you to the Zoom EV website. You’ll have options to return if you want to.

Where we introduce our third-party sites and resources, the links are provided for your information only. We have no control over the contents of these sites or resources.

Outputs from the saving tool are produced by Zoom EV and will be based on the selections and offers that have been made at that point in time. Lloyds cannot make any guarantees on the outputs of the tool or any savings which can be made. You are responsible for making your own decision as to whether you would like to proceed with the Zoom EV subscription and any subsequent offers they provide.

Please be aware that this is an annual subscription. 11 months after signing up to Zoom EV you will be issued with a subscription renewal reminder where you can opt to cancel your subscription, if you want to. You can also cancel your subscription within the 14-day cooling off period or at any time within your Zoom Bundle dashboard. Full recommended retail price will apply at point of renewal.

If there is a delay between initiating your Zoom EV subscription and selecting your Bundle elements – please keep in mind that the offers may have changed.

At times, Zoom EV partners may also have on different offers to the ones presented in the Zoom EV Bundle at point of selection.

You can access Zoom EV support if you need help.