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Other service charges

Service Charge
Stopped cheque No fee
Returned cheque - if a cheque you pay into your account is returned to us unpaid by another bank or branch Free
Statements - we will send you regular account statements free of charge. Free
Duplicate statements £5 for each request (for any number of pages*)
CHAPS payment - same day transfer to accounts held at any other bank. £30
Banker's draft - banker’s draft/cheque No fee

* An administration charge may be made for excessive requests.

A charge of 50p is made for each standing order transaction paid from a Service Account to any account other than those held by Lloyds Bank plc.

Administration fees

We’ll be happy to respond when you ask us for help with managing your day-to-day banking – at no charge. But if we have to spend a significant amount time on a specific area, then like professional advisers, we may charge a fee. If this seems likely, we will agree it with you before you are committed. This information is correct as at November 2001.