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Help with managing your credit card finances

Stay in control with careful planning

  • Only borrow what you can repay
  • Know and stick to your credit card limit
  • Contact your credit card issuer if you’re struggling to make payments
  • There are independent organisations that can help you if you get into debt

Tips to stay in control

Follow these tips:

  • only borrow what you can repay – it’s wise to keep some of your available credit for emergencies
  • decide the amount you want to pay each month – try setting yourself a target of when you want to pay off your balance and then tailoring your payments accordingly
  • know and stick to your credit card limit – contact your provider if you don’t want this increased
  • keep receipts for all your credit card transactions so you can check your statement is accurate
  • different interest and charges apply to different transactions.

What to do when you’re struggling to make payments

Call your credit card issuer first

First, call your credit card issuer and tell them about the problems you’re having. Most credit card providers have trained advisors who will be able to offer you help and information on paying off your debt, and you may be able to negotiate an agreement which will reflect what you can afford.

Get more help if needed

If you still need help, get in touch with Payplan or the Consumer Credit Counselling Service. These are free, independent money advisers who will contact the card issuer on your behalf to see whether they can consider reduced payments on your account. They may also be able to negotiate interest being suspended and stop any further charges being made on your account.

Helpful contact details


Kempton House
Kempton Way
Dysart Road
NG31 7LE

Free phone: 0800 280 2816

Visit Payplan

Consumer Credit Counselling Service

Wade House
Merrion Centre
West Yorkshire

Free phone: 0800 138 1111

Visit Consumer Credit Counselling Service

Money Advice Service

Find more detailed information about credit cards at The Money Advice Service

Visit Money Advice Service

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