More about cashback

From your daily coffee to your weekly shop, earn cashback on your card purchases, with no limit on the amount you can earn.

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Lloyds Bank - Cashback credit card

Earn up to 0.5% cashback every calendar year.

Here's how:

Earn 0.25% cashback on your first £4,000 of purchases.

Earn 0.5% cashback on purchases once you've spent £4,000.

No cap on the amount of cashback you can earn.

Keep track of your cashback earnings on your monthly statement.

Your cashback will be paid automatically onto your credit card account every January.

Cashback information

  • You and any additional cardholders will earn cashback on credit card purchases only. 
  • Any cashback earned will be paid to the primary cardholder each calendar year in January, as long as they hold an open Lloyds Bank Cashback credit card.
  • If your account is closed, cashback earned before closure will be credited to your account. 
  • Cashback is not treated as a payment and you will still need to make your minimum payment each month.

You will not earn cashback on: 

  • Transfers or cash withdrawals. 
  • Gambling transactions, e.g. casinos, betting outlets or bookmakers. 
  • Cash equivalents, including sending money order or wire transfers (other than balance transfers or money transfers), buying coins, banknotes or digital currency, paying government fines, enforcement, penalties, fees or costs, online trading such as share dealing or investments, purchasing or topping up electronic money, payment cards, mobile wallets or account dashboard services.
  • Account interest, fees or charges.
  • Payments to current, savings, share-trading, spread betting, gambling, or any similar accounts.
  • Payment protection transactions. 
  • We will deduct cashback on purchase refunds, credit adjustments or fraudulent transactions, for the month in which the refund or adjustment was made, at the rate you currently earn cashback. This may generate a negative cashback amount on your statement but we won’t take it from your account.  
  • If we reasonably suspect fraud, abuse or breach of your terms and conditions, we can stop you and any additional cardholder earning or receiving cashback.