Lloyds Bank Trustcard Credit Card Account

Lloyds Bank Credit Card AccountTrustcard

Earn points every time you spend with your Lloyds Bank Trustcard.


You can earn points when you spend on your Trustcard. Save 10% on the cost of high street vouchers at participating retailers when you use your Trustcard Plus Points.

How the Trustcard Plus voucher scheme works

You can purchase any amount of vouchers in increments of £5 and when you redeem five points for each £5 voucher, you’ll pay 10% less for your vouchers. Here’s an example of how it works.

Voucher you want
Points you use
Money you save
Amount you pay

Please note: If you are purchasing Laithwaite's vouchers they are only available in increments of £10.

Spending your vouchers

The vouchers are valid at the following retailers:

How to order your vouchers

To order vouchers using your points, call us on 0345 603 7132 or for Textphone users on 0345 603 7176. We’ll put the vouchers in the post and they should arrive within 14 days.

Please note: calls may be monitored and recorded to check that we’ve carried out orders correctly and to help the quality of our service.

How do I earn Trustcard points and what is a qualifying spend?

You will earn one Plus Point for every £10 spent on your Trustcard on eligible purchases made by you or an additional cardholder.

You will not earn points for: cash withdrawals, balance transfers, money transfers, cheques, interest, fees or charges, Payment Protection Cover, transactions at casinos, betting outlets or bookmakers, payments to offline or online current, savings, sharedealing, spread betting, gambling or any other account.

How do I find out how many points I currently have?

Your current Trustcard Plus Points balance is available to view on your credit card statement or you can call us on 0345 603 7132 or for Textphone users on 0345 603 7176.

How long are points valid for?

Trustcard Plus Points are valid for 48 months from the date they are credited to you account. At the end of this period, any unredeemed points will be lost and we will automatically deduct them from your points balance. We will notify you in advance of the first points expiry on your monthly statement.

How often can I redeem?

The choice is yours, you can redeem as frequently as you want or save up your Trustcard Plus points for a larger reward.

  1. The principal cardholder must place the order.
  2. Please allow 14 days for delivery.
  3. Standard Terms and Conditions for use of the partner vouchers apply as shown on reverse of the vouchers.

Contact us

If you have any queries or concerns about your Trustcard credit card, we’re here to help.

Call us on 0345 300 2281


Textphone on 0345 300 2281.

Lines are open 24/7.

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