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Classic Account

The everyday account for everyday banking

Club Lloyds

An account with extras. Pay at least £1,500 into your account every month, otherwise it costs £3 per month

Platinum Account

Packed with insurance benefits for only £19 per month

Club Lloyds Platinum Account

Comes with a range of insurance benefits, a choice of Lifestyle benefit and credit interest (if you pay out two separate Direct Debits each month) for a monthly maintaining the account fee

Under 19s Account

For children and teens to make the most of their money

Student Account

Packed with a range of benefits to make the most of your studies


Not the right accounts for you?

Take a look at our range of other accounts to see which one suits you best, or compare all of our accounts.

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Youth and Student accounts


About our current accounts

A Lloyds Bank Current Account offers a range of banking services, such as:

  • Depositing and withdrawing cash
  • Paying bills and transferring money
  • Setting up standing orders and direct debits
  • Ordering travel money or sending money outside the UK

Applying online is quick and easy, the application process typically takes about 10 minutes.


Features that come with your Lloyds Bank Current Account

Please note: Our Mobile Banking app is supported by devices running iOS or Android. The app is not compatible with some older versions of the operating systems – check the App Store or Google Play for more details.

If your phone has been subjected to unauthorised modifications (e.g. jailbroken or rooted) the app will not be compatible with your device.


Switch in seven days

Current Account Switch Guarantee

Switch your account to us within seven working days

How to switch your account

Existing customer

Existing current account customer?

Upgrade your account through Internet Banking

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Service Quality Information for personal current accounts

The requirement to publish the Financial Conduct Authority Service Quality Information for personal current accounts can be found here.

Help & Guidance

Contact us

Lost or stolen cards
0800 096 9779
(+44 1702 278 270 from outside the UK)

Contact us
0345 300 0000
(+44 1733 347 007 from outside the UK)

These lines are available 24/7

Not all Telephone Banking services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Please speak to an adviser for more information.

Independent service quality survey results

Personal Current Accounts

Published February 2019

As part of a regulatory requirement, an independent survey was conducted to ask customers of the 16 largest personal current account providers if they would recommend their provider to friends and family.

Overall service quality

We asked customers how likely they would be to recommend their personal current account provider to friends and family.


1st rank2nd rank3rd rank4th rank5th rank 8th rank

View the full set of results

The requirement to publish the Financial Conduct Authority Service Quality Information for personal current accounts can be found here.

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