Joint accounts

A joint account is a simple way for two people to share access to the same bank account creating one monthly statement.

  • Two people using one account.
  • A simple way to share spends and see them on one monthly statement.
  • Both account holders get a Visa debit card and separately set up and manage Internet Banking.

Please be aware of the following

  • Both account holders must be aged 18 or over.
  • Under 19 and Student Accounts can't be made into a joint accounts.
  • Both people named on the account are individually and jointly responsible for any debts on the joint account.
  • Credit reference agencies often create a financial link or association between people who have a joint account. Meaning that the financial situation of the other person on the account could affect your credit rating.
  • Both people named can use the account benefits and features without needing the approval of the other.

How to open a joint account

New to Lloyds Bank

One of you can get things started by opening an account online. You will both then need to come into Branch to make this a joint account.

Existing Lloyds Bank customer

As an existing customer you can turn your current account into a joint account by going into branch.

We may need some identification to get your current account opened.
Existing Lloyds Bank account holders can use your bank card as a form of ID. New customers will need to bring an acceptable form of ID into branch with you.

Please take a look at our acceptable forms of identification.

  • Ensure you add the other account holder to your new account before completing your switch.

    You’ll need your debit card or details of the account you wish to switch from, income details, your home address and the details of any arranged overdraft you have on your existing bank account.

    All arranged overdraft applications are subject to approval after our assessment of your circumstances, and are repayable in full on demand.

  • A request to remove someone from your bank account can be made in branch and will only be accepted where the account is in credit.

Classic Account

Free everyday banking with 24/7 access to manage your money on the go.

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Club Lloyds

An account with extras. Pay at least £1,500 into your account every month, otherwise it costs £3 per month.

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Platinum Account

Packed with insurance benefits for only £21 per month.

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Club Lloyds Platinum

Packed with insurance benefits and if you pay at least two separate Direct Debits each month you will get variable credit interest on balances from £1 to £5,000.

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Financial Services Compensation Scheme

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Important legal information

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