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Overdraft fees

Everything you need to know about the fees you'll pay on the balance of your overdraft.

Overdraft rates for current accounts

Classic Account, Club Lloyds current account and Added Value Accounts

These fees apply to arranged overdrafts. The daily arranged overdraft fee is correct from 28/01/2019 and apply to any amount beyond the fee-free* amount on your arranged overdraft.

Current account

Daily arranged overdraft fee




Club Lloyds

Club Lloyds Silver

Club Lloyds Gold


Club Lloyds Platinum


Club Lloyds Premier



The daily arranged overdraft fee is 1p for every full £6 you borrow up to £1250, 1p for every further full £7 you borrow between £1250 and £2500, and then a further 1p for every full £8 you borrow over £2500.

Representative Example
If you use an arranged overdraft of £1,200 on your Classic Account, then we’ll charge you a daily arranged overdraft fee of £2.

*For more details on any fee free amount that your account may have, please refer to the Personal Banking Terms and Conditions and Banking Charges Guide below.

Daily overdraft fee

One daily arranged overdraft fee

You’ll pay a daily arranged overdraft fee over your fee-free amount (if your account has one). The daily arranged overdraft fee is 1p for every full £6 you borrow up to £1250, 1p for every further full £7 you borrow between £1250 and £2500, and then a further 1p for every full £8 you borrow over £2500.

Daily charging

If you do need to use your Arranged Overdraft, you’ll pay a daily arranged overdraft fee at the end of each day making it easier to keep track of what’s going out.

If you use your arranged overdraft but pay it back before midnight the same day, then you won’t pay an arranged overdraft fee for that day.

You can keep track of your balance with mobile alerts, through Internet or Mobile Banking, in branch or through PhoneBank.

If you go over your limit

If a payment takes you over your limit or we stop it, you wont be charged by us for this but you might not be able to make your payment.

This could mean your mortgage or rent as well as other commitments may not be paid and some suppliers may charge you fees for missing those payments.

Apply for an arranged overdraft


If you have a current account with us and are registered for Internet Banking, you can apply for an Arranged Overdraft or to increase your existing arranged overdraft online – quickly and securely.

Apply online (typically takes about 10 mins)

Over the phone

Call us on 0345 300 0000 and we’ll help you complete your arranged overdraft application.

New customers

We may offer you an arranged overdraft based on our assessment of your personal circumstances. Any offer will be shown to you at the end of the application and it can be added in just a few clicks. The offer is subject to status and repayable in full, on demand.

Compare current accounts

Useful phone numbers

These lines are available 24/7.

Not all Telephone Banking services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Please speak to an adviser for more information.

Making sure you get a fair deal

We want you to find a product that's right for your circumstances, which is why we adhere to the Standards of Lending Practice, which are monitored and enforced by the Lending Standards Board.

To find out more you can read the statement of responsibilities, which details what's expected of us, the lender and you the borrower.

Download the statement of responsibilities