Switching to an account outside the UK?

Switching to an account outside the UK?

You can’t use the UK Current Account Switch Service to move your regular credits and debits to a bank account in another EU country, but we can provide you with information that will help you to move them yourself.

Obtaining information on your regular payments

You can obtain information on all regular payments into your account (e.g. salary, dividends etc) and regular payments out of your account (Direct Debits, Standing Orders etc) either in branch or over the telephone. Alternatively, you can follow these simple steps online:

  1. Payments out of your account
  2. Log in to Online Banking and select the appropriate account
  3. Select ‘More Actions’
  4. Select Direct Debits and Standing Orders

All your regular payments including the person you are paying (recipient), amount, frequency and date last paid is displayed

Payments into your account

For any payments into your account or other information you may need you can click on ‘Search your Statement’ and search for any specific transactions or transaction types (NB: searches can go back several years but are limited to blocks of 90 day periods).

Once you’ve retrieved all the information you need you can then print the page(s). To redirect payments made to your account with us to your new account, you will need to contact the person or company that makes the payment and give them your new account details. To make payments from your new account, you will need to set up a new payment instruction with your new bank.

Transferring your balance to a new account

This can be done in branch subject to provision of suitable ID; there are no transaction value limits.

Alternatively transactions up to £5,000 can be made by calling Telephone Banking 0345 300 0000 or online (for limits up to £100,000 for single transactions).

If you would like to transfer your balance using internet banking/online Banking

  1. Log into Online Banking, select the appropriate account then Payments and Transfers
  2. Select International transfers
  3. Complete the required fields using your new bank’s details

Fees and timescales for transfers

Closing your account:

Once you’ve redirected any regular payments and transferred your balance you can close your account in branch or we’ll be happy to help you over the telephone, you can call us on 0345 300 0000 and we will provide you with a form.

Important legal information

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