Smart Start - video transcripts

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    Introducing Smart Start

    One of the most important tools you can give your kids is a bank account, to help them get started with some good money habits. 

    Smart Start is a Spending and Savings Account for 11-to-15-year-olds, that teaches them how to look after their own money and make the right financial choices in the future.

    As a parent, it’s easy for you to keep an eye on your kids account through your own banking app, and you can even help set a contactless payment limit which, as a parent myself, I find very useful.

    The Spending Account comes with a Visa contactless debit card, which can be used in shops, online and you can even make payments through Internet Banking, which gives them a real sense of freedom.

    Then you have the Savings Account, which teaches them the importance of saving and also teaches them the value of setting money aside. 

    The Smart Account is a great way to set your kids up for the future they want.

    To set this up, you need to have your own Lloyds Club Current Account with Internet Banking.

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    Smart Start features

    So now you’ve got your own Smart Spending and Savings Account, it’s time to make the most out of it to get the life that you want.

    This account has great benefits, like the contactless debit card you can use to purchase things online and in store, as well as withdraw cash.

    As soon as you’ve paid with your card once using your PIN, you can tap and pay contactless.

    You can even load the card on Apple Pay or Google Pay, if you are the right age.

    So, your account also comes with Internet Banking and the Mobile Banking app, so you can manage and view your account wherever you are.

    And because savings are super important in helping you reach your goals in life, you’ve got the option of renaming your savings account to what you are saving for, for example ‘holiday spending money’ or even some ‘new trainers’. This helps you keep on track and makes it more fun. 

    So that’s it for now. If you need any more information or tips on your Smart Start Account, you can always look at some of the other videos or visit

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    Getting Started with Smart Start

    Your new Smart Start account is an amazing tool. This will help you learn to manage your money and to get financial freedom.

    There are a few steps to take to make sure you’re getting the most out of your account.

    Step One is to register for Internet Banking. This is very important. This way you can take care of your banking at any time.

    Step Two is to download the Mobile Banking app. This makes your banking on the go very easy.

    Step Three is to pay money into your Spending and Savings accounts.

    This is something you want to do, so you’ve got the money to do fun things, like grabbing a pizza with your mates.

    Also don’t forget to put some money away into your Savings Accounts. This will help you to save your money up for bigger things too.

    Now if you’re having any trouble with any if these steps, there’s lots and lots of information and videos on our Smart Start web page.

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    Using your debit card

    Congrats on your Smart Start debit card. It will teach you lots of good money habits that you can use in the future. 

    First things first, sign your card. You then need to enter the PIN we sent you at first, so don’t disregard it. But don’t worry, you can change it to anything you like at the ATM.

    Make sure to memorise it, but if you do forget, don’t worry you can always find it on the Mobile Banking app. Just don’t share it with anyone.

    After you’ve made your first debit card purchase with your PIN, you can use contactless and buy things online. You can even set up contactless limits, to make sure you’re not spending too much money.

    You can also freeze your card if you can’t find it but know that it’s not stolen. But if you do think it’s lost or stolen, tell us immediately.

    If you’re looking for a little extra help on how to use your new Account, check out the other videos on the Smart Start web page at

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    Keeping your money safe

    So, a lot of fraud happens online, where we spend lots of our time banking, shopping and gaming. So, this video is here to support you, so that you’re not the next victim of a scam.

    Our first tip is to bank safely and watch out for fraudsters. Never share your account or personal details with anyone.

    And this is an easy one to forget, but always log out once you’re done with your banking.

    And when it comes to online shopping, which we all love, it’s important to look for the little lock icon in the web browser address bar, to check it’s secure.

    Next, keep your card safe. Never share photos of your card with anyone or tell anyone your PIN. And remember to always hide your PIN whilst entering it at the ATM.

    Don’t forget, if you’ve misplaced your card but you know it’s not lost, you can freeze it using the app. But if you know that it’s lost or stolen, then contact us straight away.

    You can find many more ways to keep your money safe on our Smart Start web page. 

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    Spending and saving tips

    So, with Smart Start you get a Spending Account and a Savings Account, and I’ve got some great tips to make sure that you make the most of the both of them.

    First, there’s payment and spending limits. There’s more about this in your welcome pack, but it’s basically there to make sure you don’t spend too much.

    With your Savings Account, you can put money away whenever you like using Internet Banking or your Mobile Banking app. And the more you do it, the faster you reach your goals.

    Also naming your Savings Account really helps. I named mine ‘First Holiday’, but you can call yours anything you like. 

    Another great benefit is ‘Save The Change’. Every time you use your debit card, we round up to the nearest £, and move the difference from your Spending to your Savings Account, so you can save more without even realising it.

    These features are all to help you get the most out of your money. And there’s more on our Smart Start web page at

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