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Information for customers of Affinion International (AI)

Information for customers who purchased card protection from AI.

This information applies to Lloyds customers who purchased standalone card protection products from Affinion International (AI).

The card protection company AI and the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) have announced that some customers of AI may be offered compensation via a redress scheme.

The planned compensation relates to sales of standalone card protection products which emphasised the benefits of cover for fraud protection. This cover should not have been included in the AI product as customers already had fraud cover included with their credit card.

A compensation scheme has been approved by the High Court and will provide compensation to customers from several major banks and credit card issuers.

Some Lloyds customers purchased card protection through AI before 2005 and continued to hold the product after 2005 or purchased the product after January 14th 2005. These customers can claim compensation through the scheme. Customers eligible for compensation will have received notification in writing from AI and during January and February 2015 and will receive a pack enabling them to claim compensation through the Scheme between 18 August 2015 and 18 March 2016.

If you receive a Claim Compensation pack from the Scheme and have any queries, please go to for more information or contact the AI Scheme helpline on 0800 678 1930 (Mon-Fri 8am to 8pm; Sat 8am to 6pm).