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What personal information do we have?

Your right to know what personal information is held about you

Giving out personal details of various sorts is part of getting on with daily life. It's something people do when shopping with loyalty cards, phoning an electricity supplier, or registering on a website. It all helps companies build a picture of an individual customer. Have you wondered exactly what information an organisation holds about you? Or how much time and effort you would have to spend in order to find out?

You can easily get access to the information Lloyds Banking Group holds about you through our Mobile Banking app, internet banking and even your monthly statement. If you want to know something specific or have been unable to find answers to your questions, you can make a request for that information. It's simple, free and you will get a response in 30 days. If you want to contact us about your details, see the How to get a copy of your personal information section of our Privacy Notice.

Our privacy notice

This sets out how we protect your privacy. It covers the personal information that we have, where we get it, how we use it and who we share it with.

View full privacy notice