I don't recognise a transaction

There are a number of reasons why a transaction might seem unfamiliar. If there’s a transaction on your account you don’t recognise, here’s what to do.

See more details online

You can find more details about a transaction in our Mobile Banking app or Internet Banking. 

Simply log on, open your statement and click or tap the transaction you don't recognise. We'll show you more details such as the date, name of the business and the location.

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Log on to Internet Banking

Check the business name

A business or retailer may show on your statement under a different name to the one you know them as.

We have made a list of common business and retailer names so you can check.

You can also use a search engine to search for the name showing on your transaction to see if it's something you have bought.

Check business or retailer names

You should check that no one else with access to your account has made the payment

Check for subscriptions

Sometimes a subscription fee may be charged when you weren’t expecting one, such as when a free trial has ended. 

Always cancel subscriptions with the business or ​retailer you took it out with first. Please check any terms and conditions you may have agreed to, like giving a notice period before you can cancel.

You can then log into our Mobile Banking app and cancel future subscription payments. Simply type 'view and manage subscriptions' into the search bar at the top.

Check for regular payments

Regular payments may be taken from your account in the form of a Direct Debit. You'll set these up with the business or retailer directly and this is often how you'll pay things like your energy or phone bill. You can cancel some Direct Debits using Internet Banking or our Mobile Banking app.

Check the type of transaction

Some payments, such as Direct Debits, appear as codes on your statement. This can help you understand how the payment was debited.


  • BP is a Bill Payment
    When you make a payment to a business or person. Find out more about Bill Payments.

    CPT is a Cashpoint® Transaction
    When you use a physical card to withdraw money at a Cashpoint® machine.

    DEB is a Debit Card payment
    A debit card is a plastic card that allows you to pay for purchases and withdraw money from your account instantly at a Cashpoint® machine.

    PAY is a Payment
    When you make a payment to a business or person. Find out more about Bill Payments.

    DD is a Direct Debit
    When you let a business or retailer take a payment from your account on a regular basis. This is often how you’ll pay things like your energy bill. All Direct Debit payments are protected by the Direct Debit Guarantee scheme. Learn how to identify and manage your Direct Debits.

    FPO is a Faster Payment Outbound
    When you make a payment online and it reaches the recipient’s account within 2 hours. Sometimes Faster Payments can take a little longer. Find out more about Faster Payments.

    View all payment codes

Know the retailer, but the amount is wrong?

If you recognise the business or retailer but not the transaction amount, contact them directly – they may have made an error.

How to question a transaction

For more support, please take a look at these helpful guides and tools:

Still unsure about a transaction?

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