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1. Account for everything

To help you budget, make a list of all the costs you're likely to incur, not forgetting gifts, travel, food and parties.

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2. Spend sensibly

Agree a realistic gift cost limit with family and friends. A Secret Santa system can help keep costs down for everyone.

3. Know what you're paying for

When was the last time you reviewed your Direct Debits and standing orders? A five-minute check via Internet Banking could throw up some surprising outdated payments.

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4. Buy and sell bargains

Find some excellent deals and make cash from your old or unwanted items using online auctions.

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Beware Subscription Traps

84% of respondents to a Citizens Advice survey were unaware that they were being charged for a 'free trial' which had lapsed into a paid subscription.

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5. Abandon your cart

Some retailers send discount codes to shoppers who leave their website before purchasing the items in their basket.

6. Compare your travel options

When travelling, booking in advance is usually cheaper, but you could also save by car-sharing or splitting a train journey into component stages.

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7. Track your spending

Internet Banking helps you keep a close eye on your finances – watch out for 'pending payments' for an up-to-date view.

8. Count the pennies

Little lifestyle changes add up – see how much you could save by making small adjustments like ditching your morning latte for a travel mug from home.