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Financial planning tools and calculators

Start calculating your income and outgoings to help you save for your future.

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Budgeting calculator

It's important to understand how you're spending the money you have.

Budgeting calculator

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Mortgage calculator

Our mortgage calculator can give you an idea of how much you could borrow.

Mortgage calculator

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ISA calculator

Our simple calculator lets you see how much an Investment ISA could be worth in the future.

Investment ISA calculator

Could you benefit from financial advice?

Interested in a personal review of your finances?

We offer a free service for new and existing customers, aimed at helping you get the best value for money with us. With a Personal Financial Review, you'll meet a Personal Account Manager at your local branch who will review your Lloyds Bank accounts in advance and talk to you about how you might be able to get a better deal. The review takes about 45 minutes, is completely free, and we might even save you some money.

Find out how to book a financial review

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Could you benefit from financial advice?

Our Personal Financial Advice Service is designed to help you make the most of your money, for now and for the future. If you are looking for financial advice our Private Banking and Advice Managers may be able to help.

You can take advantage of our Personal Financial Advice Service if you have at least £100,000 of savings and investments, including personal pensions, or a sole annual income of at least £100,000.

Find out more about our Personal Financial Advice Service