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‘Epic Journey’ TV advert

Watch as two generations of our iconic black horse travel on an epic journey together.

‘Epic Journey’ TV advert

Behind the scenes

Take a look behind the scenes to see how we made our latest TV advert.

Behind the scenes

Sophie: This ad tells the story of a beautiful black stallion and a cute little foal, embarking on an epic journey together.

Charlotte: We follow them as they cross different challenges, different terrains. And we see the relationship that they have together and the way that that changes.

Fay: We want to see this relationship between adult and child, and whilst you may think the older one is always looking after the younger one, actually, just like life, often the younger ones can teach older generations something.

Diarmid: A pretty major scene for us is when the two horses cross the frozen lake. The great thing is that the production design and the small set that they built for the frozen lake was really, really great.

Fay: It’s actually amazing to watch how well-trained the horses are - they’re just treated so well. But also just the passion of the people who look after them has been incredible.

Wayne: The lead up to the shoot - very important the prep-time, that’s where it’s won and lost. We used some little youngsters on the shoot, and the horses seemed to really enjoy it.

Charlotte: The horses work as a metaphor to show that Lloyds Bank is by the side of those different generations, whatever journey or next challenge they want to face.

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