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Buying a Home

Buying your first house can be an exciting, yet complex process. It’s important to understand how you can make it work for you practically and financially.

How to save for your deposit

Buying your first home is an exciting time, but saving for a mortgage deposit can be a challenge. A savings plan can make all the difference.

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Glossary of terms

Buying your first house can be a complex process. Understanding the key terms can make it simpler.

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How to save money without missing out

If you’re saving up to buy a home, finances can be tight. But there’s no need to lock yourself away – there are still lots of ways to have fun and enjoy a little luxury without breaking the bank.

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How to make a rock-solid budget

Whether you’re saving for a mortgage deposit or just a new TV, taking control of your finances can be daunting, especially if you’re not money-minded. But following a few simple steps can ensure you don’t stray beyond your means.

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Save money by becoming self-sufficient

Becoming self-sufficient can secure you against inflation rises, put you in touch with your local community and give you a greater appreciation of life – as well as saving you money. Here’s how to move from being a consumer to being a producer.

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