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Going travelling

Travelling - whether it's a city or career break - should be a time for fun and relaxation. To get the maximum enjoyment, it's important to plan your travels, and your finances, with care.

From budgeting tips and savings accounts to choosing travel insurance, we're here to help you make the most of your adventures.

Alan and Tamara's tips for managing a travel budget

Tamara and Alan love to travel. They’ve been all over the world to places like New York, Paris and Rome. Their quest for experiences outweighs their need for material items. As a result, their approach to spending, and saving, money has had to change.

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Planning the trip of a lifetime: 5 budgeting tips

Epic voyages are no longer the sole preserve of school or college leavers. More and more ‘grown-up gapers’ are embarking on trips of a lifetime too. Whatever your age and wherever your destination, budgeting for large-scale travel is essential.

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The true cost of travelling without insurance

Whether it’s a weekend trip to Paris, a lengthy trek across Southeast Asia or you’ve decided to travel as part of a career break, there’s one thing that should be top of your list: travel insurance.

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Top tips to a stress free holiday abroad

Booking a holiday and planning for your trip is exciting. Be prepared - having things like travel insurance in place and the right telephone numbers saved in case of a lost bank card can help in case of an emergency. Read our top tips on the simple precautions you can take to make your trip go as smoothly as planned.

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