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Starting a Family

Becoming a parent is an exciting time; however it comes with lots of additional responsibility. It’s important to plan ahead practically and financially.

Top tips for having your first child

If you’re about to have your first child, there are some simple tips you can follow to help you prepare financially.

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Kate and Lee's family finance tips

With two young children, managing to make ends meet is not always easy. But thanks to their financial preparations, this young family are managing to plan for the future.

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9 steps to baby proof your finances

Having a baby can be everything from exhilarating and rewarding to challenging and exhausting, not to mention costly. A little planning before parenthood can help to steer your family fortunes in the right direction.

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Getting ready for your new arrival

Preparing for parenthood can be something of an emotional rollercoaster. Addressing a few important practicalities ahead of time can help you to stay calm and collected – we’ve put together your next finance steps after finding out you’re expecting.

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Raising the 'money smart' generation

When children understand the value of money, they learn how to use it wisely. Start the lessons early with these tips on how to encourage a life-long 'money smart' approach.

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