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Your Child’s Higher Education

If your child is considering higher education, they’ll have a lot to think about; however you too have a crucial role in preparing and supporting them through their next step.

5 questions to consider

If your child is thinking about or has decided on higher education, there are a number of important financial and practical decisions to make. We’ve compiled a list of key points to consider together with your son or daughter – helping them make the right choices for their future.

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Supporting your child

Parents today have a crucial role to play in supporting their child’s first steps into – and out of – higher education. Here are some practical pointers around ongoing support for anyone with a son or daughter considering further study.

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5 ways to help your child manage financial stress5 ways to help your child manage financial stress while studying

Is your child thinking about or just starting higher education? If so, you may be wondering how they will cope financially. We’ve compiled a list of handy hints for parents so you can help your son or daughter budget wisely while studying

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