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1 in 4 people will experience a mental health problem each year in the UK. Although mental health problems can be difficult to spot, it doesn’t make them any less significant than a physical health issue. 

Lloyds Bank conducted research* with Mental Health UK and found that 67% of people in Britain feel society is more comfortable talking about mental health conditions now compared to 5 years ago. However, 3 in 4 still believe there is a significant stigma attached to people with mental health conditions, and nearly a quarter are still uncomfortable talking about mental health with a friend or family member.

This is why we’re working with Mental Health UK to help normalise these conversations, as we believe that ending the culture of silence will make it easier for us all to offer the right support to the people around us who need it.

“Too many people living with a mental health problem feel isolated and misunderstood. Yet we all have mental health so the more we talk and listen, the easier it becomes for everyone. This campaign will help get mental health out in the open, where it belongs”, Brian Dow, Managing Director of Mental Health UK

How you can help #GetTheInsideOut

In the spirit of getting mental health out in the open, you can support this campaign in 3 simple steps.

Let’s #GetTheInsideOut

Step 1

Write #GetTheInsideOut on a sticky note and pop it on your forehead

Step 2

Take a picture of yourself

Step 3

Post it on your social profiles, using the hashtag #GetTheInsideOut

Your Mental Health

If you have a concern about your own mental health, or the mental health of someone you know, there are lots of places you can go for confidential help and support. Visit Mental Health UK,  or Time to Change for further information.

Lloyds Bank are proud to be partnering with Mental Health UK.  Together, we aim to raise awareness of the link between mental health and money problems, and encourage more people to feel comfortable speaking about mental health. 

Our colleagues and customers have raised over £4.8 million, which has enabled the charity to launch a pioneering mental health and money advice service. Mental Health & Money Advice is the UK’s first advice service dedicated to helping people understand, manage and improve the relationship between their financial and mental health. 

Get the inside out

Stories from the ad

Listen to the people from our ad speak about their experiences with mental health and how they feel about getting it out in the open.

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