A new year often brings with it a burst of fresh motivation to break old patterns and forge healthy new habits. For many of us that can mean renewing a gym membership or dusting off our running shoes – but how about trying a new regime that could transform your finances?

In this film, Alvin Hall explains how – with very little pain and a lot to gain – you can kickstart your leaner self with some easy budgeting tips.


How to make a new habit stick

Have Alvin’s tips inspired you to make a change?
If you find your New Year’s resolutions often fall by the wayside before the end of January, here are five easy ways to help make a new habit last.

1. Be selective

It’s tempting to make resolutions for every aspect of your life, but focus your energy on those that will have the most positive impact on you.

2. Start simple

If you find change daunting, set your sights on gradual progress. Work out what the first step is and focus on that.

3. Make it routine

First step done? Get started on the next one. Start mapping out all the steps between you and your end goal. Keep them manageable and tackle them one by one.

4. Create a reminder

Put aside regular time in your diary each week or month that is dedicated to planning or carrying out your new habit. Setting an alarm on your phone might help you stay on track.

5. Set targets

Start giving yourself deadlines to complete your next steps – you might find it useful to schedule a review of progress, perhaps every three months. Keep track of your accomplishments – and reward yourself for major milestones.

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