Life can be a real balancing act. With so many demands on your time and energy it can be tricky to stay on top of everything – including managing your money. Getting more organised is a great way to reduce pressure and give you peace of mind.

Quick wins

It can feel like there are never enough hours in the day, and like there’s never a good time to have a proper look at your finances. However, it may not take as long as you think – and you could quickly see real benefits. Why not try:

  • our Money Health Check. It takes under a minute and will give you handy tips linked to your results.
  • digital tools. Mobile banking is great for multi-tasking – you can check your balance or make a payment on the move.
  • stepping away from your desk. It’s often overlooked but a change of scenery and some ‘down time’ can really help you reflect, prioritise and plan.

Build a balanced budget

Staying on top of your finances is much easier when you set a realistic budget you can stick to – you might find an online budget calculator a handy time-saver. Ideally, your budget should:

  • include anything and everything you spend money on. If you’re not sure, why not start a spending diary – you might be surprised!
  • cover the necessities first and foremost. Setting up direct debits takes the hassle out of regular payments such as utilities – and will sometimes result in discounts.
  • allow for occasional treats and activities that support your wellbeing. That could be anything from a gym membership to just a coffee with friends.

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Take a longer view

Budgets aren’t set in stone. Lifestyles, priorities and circumstances change, so it’s useful to review it regularly so you can adjust gradually – or react quickly if necessary.

When you’re familiar with exactly what you spend and where, unexpected costs or setbacks can be easier to cope with. You’ll know exactly where you might be able to cut back for a while. It also means you’ll be better placed to plan for the things you really want out of life – perhaps saving for a holiday, a mortgage or your retirement.