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Mortgage Video Appointment: Mortgage advice at a place that suits you

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Speaking face-to-face with a dedicated adviser about your mortgage needs can be invaluable, but we know it can be difficult to travel to your local branch at a suitable time. That’s why we now offer free Mortgage Video Appointments with our mortgage advisers, giving you the convenience of speaking face-to-face with an expert from wherever suits you.

All you need is a broadband WiFi connection and a device that supports video conferencing, including a webcam, speakers and microphone.

You can access your Mortgage Video Appointment through any of the following devices:

  • Laptop
  • Desktop
  • Tablet
  • Smartphone (3.5" diagonal screen or larger)

This service works on most up-to-date computers and tablets. You’ll see a message on screen during installation if your internet browser or operating system isn’t compatible. Please ensure that the latest version of your internet browser is installed.

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