Decisions we make using your data

Your right to accuracy and fairness

Machines carry out many tasks that were once the responsibility of people. Advances in technology mean they help us with complex tasks such as processing a lot of information quickly and making decisions. We know that a customer's time is valuable so we try to make applying for a new product or service as quick and efficient as possible. This can be done by using machines to run eligibility checks or credit checks, for example.

These are important decisions and we put a number of checks in place to make sure our machines get them right. If you think such a decision made by a machine is wrong, and want the decision to be reviewed by a human, you have that right.

For more details and guidance on how to do this see the How we use your information to make automated decisions section of our Data Protection Notice.

Your right to fair treatment includes the accuracy of details we hold about you. If we've got it wrong please let us know. We'll correct the mistake.

Our privacy notice

This sets out how we protect your privacy. It covers the personal information that we have, where we get it, how we use it and who we share it with.

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