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Your Home Options Insurance

These pages will give you the help and information you need to make the most of your Home Options Insurance, all in one place. You’ll find information about what’s covered in your policy, additional cover and making claims, useful phone numbers and answers to frequently asked questions.

If your policy starts with HDA, you can find your policy documents here.

Policy Booklets

Here you’ll find all the information you need about what’s covered in your policy, additional cover, terms and conditions, making claims and useful information.

For policies which renew on or after 28th July 2017.

Home Emergency Cover

Additional Buildings cover

You can take out additional accidental damage optional cover for your buildings for an extra premium. This can cover you for things like putting a nail through a pipe or putting your foot through the ceiling while doing DIY.

You may already have this cover. To find out read your policy schedule.

To take out this cover, call us on 0345 603 8368Call telephone number 0345 603 8368.

Additional Contents cover

You can arrange any of the additional contents cover shown in the table above by calling us on 0345 603 8368Call telephone number 0345 603 8368. You’ll need to pay additional premiums for the cover.

You may already have some or all of these additional contents cover options. To find out see your policy schedule.

The table above gives an overview of what's covered by each additional contents cover option. For full details, including what's not covered, see your policy schedule and policy booklet.

Additional cover Details
Accidental damage optional cover Covers accidental damage to the contents of your home such as broken ornaments or furniture
Extra cover for personal belongings and money Covers theft or accidental loss of, or accidental damage to your or your family’s personal belongings and money in and away from the home.

Cover also provided for theft or accidental loss of or accidental damage to your, and your family’s, personal belongings and money  when outside of the British Isles for up to 60 days

Theft of personal belongings from your car (if they are stored out of sight in a glove box or locked luggage compartment and force and violence was used to get in to the vehicle)

Limits shown in your schedule.
Legal expenses Up to £50,000 to cover contract, employment or neighbour disputes
Pedal cycles cover Covers pedal cycles away from the home including up to 60 days outside the British Isles. Limit shown in your schedule
Freezer contents If the temperature on your freezer changes by accident or the refrigerant leaks and damages the food, we’ll pay for replacing the food and for hiring another freezer for up to one month.
Limit shown in your schedule
Clerical business use Cover for your business contents, stock or trade samples if you use part of your home for business purposes. Limit shown in schedule.

General enquiries: 0345 603 8368
Home Insurance claims: 0345 300 2289
24-hour Emergency Helpline: 0845 300 1133Call telephone number 0845 300 1133

Home Options Insurance includes use of our 24-hour Emergency Helpline service. Call the Helpline number to arrange for a tradesperson to make emergency repairs to the:

  • Domestic plumbing or drainage system
  • Domestic gas or electricity supply
  • Roofing
  • External locks, doors and windows
  • Fixed heating system

If you have selected Home Emergency cover on your Insurance policy, you are covered up to £1000 with no excess for each of these call outs. Otherwise, you will need to pay for the emergency repairs. However, if your policy covers the damage you can go ahead and claim for it in the normal way.

Please read your policy booklets and schedule for more information.

The Emergency Helpline service is provided by Allianz Global Assistance.


For complaints about sales or administration:

Call the Lloyds Bank Customer Services Department on 0800 092 0715Call telephone number 0800 092 0715.

Or write to:
Customer Care Lloyds Bank Insurance
Tredegar Park
South Wales
NP10 8SB

We can’t be held responsible for the security of any personal data sent by email.

For complaints relating to a claim please call the claims phone number shown in your policy schedule.

How to make a claim

If you need to make a claim, here’s what to do.

1. Telephone the claims number provided on your policy schedule.

2. Inform the police straight away if you’re claiming for something involving malicious damage, theft or attempted theft. Get a crime reference number.

3. Check your policy booklet and schedule. This will give details of what’s covered. You also need to read the detailed claims procedure and conditions.

Existing claims

For help and support during your claim, please call the number on your policy schedule.


General cover

  1. What is wear and tear and can it affect my insurance claim?

    Most household insurance companies cover unexpected events, rather than gradual deterioration over time, which is what wear and tear is. Wear and tear includes things like damage because of light, atmosphere, mould and anything else that damages items slowly over time. So it’s important to make sure your property is maintained regularly to make sure your claim isn’t declined. Find out more about protecting against wear and tear.

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  2. Are my visitors’ personal effects covered by my insurance?

    Yes – they are covered by your Contents Insurance up to a total value of £500 per visitor. Exclusions apply.

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  3. Will my premium change over time?

    Your premium may increase or decrease when you amend or renew your cover We’ll let you know about any changes.

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  4. Am I charged interest on Direct Debit payments?

    No – you can spread your premium over 12 monthly instalments without any interest charges. Remember to keep your monthly payments up to date to remain covered.

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  5. If I had to move into temporary accommodation, would my policy look after my dogs?

    Yes. If your home becomes uninhabitable because of something you’re insured for, your policy will help with the cost of alternative accommodation for you, your family and your domestic pets. Limits apply, so check your policy schedule.

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When you're moving home

  1. I’m moving home. When should I transfer my policy?

    A month to a week before the removal day, call us on 0345 603 8368Call telephone number 0345 603 8368 so we can transfer your buildings and contents insurance. We’ll need to run through the eligibility questions you answered when you took out your policy. As long as you and your home are still eligible we can simply change the insurance to the new address. Please note your premium may change.

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  2. What if I don’t need the same cover at my new address?

    If you need different cover then we can just cancel your current cover and set up a new policy for you providing your new address meets our eligibility criteria.

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Help and guidance

Insuring your home can sometimes feel overwhelming, so we're here to help make things as simple as possible.

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