Top tips for a cosy home this winter

In this short video we look at how to prepare yourself and your home for winter, ensuring you're cosy and warm throughout.

Around your house

  • Get your boiler, central heating and gas fires checked and serviced every year.
  • Ensure your loft and pipes are properly insulated and ventilated.
  • Use draft excluders and weather stripping on doors and windows.
  • Do you have an open fire? If you do, then have your chimney swept.
  • Wrap up, keep everyone cosy and warm.

In your garden

  • Check external lights, doors and gates are secure.
  • Check your roof for broken or loose tiles, cracks in the chimney or pointing.
  • Keep gutters and drainpipes clear of leaves and debris.
  • Insulate outside taps so they don’t freeze or burst.
  • If you know bad weather is on the way, make sure the things in the open are stored away. Your insurer may not cover these if they get damaged.
  • Help the local wildlife with bird feeders and bird baths.

Be prepared for winter weather

  • Locate your mains water tap, you might need to switch it off.
  • Keep your home insurance documents handy.
  • Write down the contact details of a local plumber, heating engineer and electrician.
  • Have an emergency kit ready, including torches, candles, food, warm clothing and a shovel.

If you’re going to be away from home

  • Leave your central heating on low.
  • Ask someone you trust to check on your house occasionally.
  • If you’re going to be away from home for longer than the agreed time, you must tell your insurer.

Help and guidance

Insuring your home can sometimes feel overwhelming, so we're here to help make things as simple as possible.

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How to check if you’re covered

If you already have home insurance with us, here’s a link to our policy booklets. These tell you what is and isn’t covered, optional cover you may be able to add to your policy, as well as advice on making claims and frequently asked questions.

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