Covering the cost of emergencies repairs could help keep your mind at ease. It is a perfect add-on to your Home Insurance. Provided by Allianz Global Assistance.


What is Home Emergency Cover?

If your boiler breaks or you have no power, you’ll want to sort it as soon as you can. 

Home Emergency Cover can protect you from the cost of sudden and unexpected emergencies that happen in the home. These include:

  • Boiler breakdown
  • Blocked or damaged drains
  • Burst pipes
  • Plumbing issues
  • Electrical failures

It will help cover the cost of call-out fees and repairs needed. You will also have access to a 24-hour helpline and approved tradesmen.

If you have any work or repairs done, make sure you keep any receipts or invoices from tradesman. These can be used to support your claim.

Limits, terms and exclusions apply. 

What does Home Emergency Cover include?

Home Emergency Cover covers the cost of emergencies. An emergency is a sudden and unforeseen domestic situation which, if not dealt with quickly, will: 

  • Make your home unsafe or insecure.
  • Damage your home or the things in it. 
  • Result in your home losing its main source of heating, lighting or water. 

Common examples of home emergencies include: 

  • Complete failure or breakdown of either the heating and/or hot-water supply provided by the primary heating system.
  • Complete failure or breakdown of the electricity supply system.
  • Plumbing issues or problems with your drains. 
  • Sudden damage to your roof so it’s no longer watertight.
  • Broken or damaged locks, doors or windows.
  • Pest infestations, like mice or insects.

In the event of an emergency, you can call our helpline. Tell them what’s happened and they can send out an approved tradesman. You're covered up to £1,000 per call out.

Once the emergency has been dealt with, any damage to your home or items in it would need to be claimed for in the normal way with your Home Insurance policy.

What isn't covered by Home Emergency Cover

Home Emergency Cover does not cover anything that is not classed as an ‘emergency’. It also doesn’t include:

  • Any emergency that has happened due to something that you were aware of before the start date of your policy. 
  • The routine maintenance of equipment, supplier or services. 
  • Any emergency that happens when your home has been unoccupied for more than 30 days in a row.
  • Any damage that happens over time will not be classed as an emergency and will not be covered. This includes:
    • Damp.
    • Rot.
    • Dry mould.

Limits, terms and exclusions apply, check out our policy booklet for details. (PDF) 2.40 MB.

Do I need Home Emergency Cover?

Home Emergency Cover is optional, but can be reassuring to have. You can add it when buying your Home Insurance as an extra. 

If your boiler breaks, or a leak floods your house, you will need it sorted quickly. Work or repairs at short notice can cost a lot. Home Emergency Cover can help protect you from the cost of these emergency repairs.

Knowing your home is protected and you will not be left out of pocket can give you peace of mind in a stressful time.

Limits, terms and exclusions apply, check out our policy booklet for details. (PDF) 2.40 MB.

Do I need Home Emergency Cover if I am a tenant?

If you are renting, you won’t need it. Your landlord should sort out any damage caused by a home emergency.

Features and benefits

Home Emergency Cover provides a 24-hour helpline for emergencies, such as:

  • Main heating system breaking down.
  • Plumbing or drainage issues.
  • Failure of the electricity mains.
  • Insecure doors or windows.

In a home emergency, call the helpline and they'll send out an approved tradesman. You're covered for up to £1k per call out.

Pay by Direct Debit for only £3.30 a month. Or £39.60 annually. That’s less than 11p a day.


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Keep in mind

If you make a claim, the event must be an emergency.

An emergency is something that:

  • Makes your home unsafe or insecure.
  • Causes damage to your home or its contents.
  • Could result in your home losing its main source of heating, lighting or water.

Home Emergency Cover isn’t a servicing or maintenance policy. Cover for routine home services or home appliance breakdowns isn’t included.

Limits, terms and exclusions apply, please read our Policy Booklet (PDF) 2.40 MB for details.

Making a claim

Before you make a claim, make sure the event in question would be classed as an emergency. If it is, then follow these simple steps.

  1. Call 0345 641 9793 within 48 hours of the emergency.
  2. Have your Lloyds Bank Home Emergency policy number to hand.
  3. Explain what has happened, where and when. 
  4. The team will then decide what sort of help you need and arrange any repairs.

You will need to call before making any arrangements for repairs yourself. You will not receive a refund for any costs that your provider has not agreed to.

Ways to apply for Home Emergency Cover


You can add Home Emergency Cover as an extra when you take out Home Insurance online. You can’t add it to existing policies, but you can when you renew.

By phone

You can take out Home Emergency Cover when you buy Home Insurance over the phone.

Call us on 0800 056 3040.

Lines are open 8am–6pm Mon–Fri, 8am–4pm Sat.

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