Premier International Account

Lloyds Bank International Current Account.

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Features and benefits

  • No monthly fee
  • Choice of 3 currencies
  • Choice of Sterling, Euro and US Dollar with a Visa debit card for each currency.

  • Fee free International Payments
  • We won't charge you for sending or receiving money transfers. However, correspondent and recipient bank charges may apply.

  • 24/7 worldwide access
  • To your money with Internet Banking.

  • Travel insurance
  • Worldwide travel insurance for you and your family, eligibility criteria applies.

Keep in mind

  • Potential payment charges
  • Correspondent and recipient bank charges may apply.

  • Sterling accounts
  • Are exclusively provided by Lloyds Bank Corporate Markets plc.

  • Eligibility
  • Available in many countries but not all and other criteria applies, please see below.

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  • Premier International Account

    Our Premier International Account offers:

    • A choice of three currencies so you can spend without paying exchange fees (Sterling, Euro and US Dollar)
    • Free international payments: we won't charge you for sending or receiving international money transfers. However recipient and corresponding banks abroad may charge a fee for receiving payments
    • Visa debit cards in all 3 currencies for easy worldwide access to your money.
    • A dedicated Premier Banking Relationship Manager
    • No monthly fee
    • Access your salary, pay bills or send money back to your family
    • 24/7 Internet Banking
    • PhoneBank available 7am - 11pm, Monday - Friday. 8am - 4pm, Saturday. Calls may be monitored/recorded
    • 0% credit interest.
    • Worldwide travel insurance for you and your family

    Worldwide travel insurance for you and your eligible family

    • It covers you and your eligible family whether travelling together or separately (certain restrictions may apply to travel for your dependent children)
    • The maximum age for cover is 79 years
    • Details of the services we provide are included in the welcome pack you will receive but you can also read the terms and conditions (PDF, 261 KB) for a summary of benefits and exclusions
    • Due to regulatory requirements it isn't available to US and Canadian residents
    • We only offer products from a single company, underwritten by AWP P&C SA and administered by Allianz Assistance. We do not provide advice on travel insurance and we will not make comparisons with other similar products including those which you may currently hold. You will need to make your own choice about how to proceed
    • Important - Pre-existing medical conditions are not covered. If you have serious medical conditions or have received treatment for them in the past and need to cover these on your travel insurance, the Money and Pensions Service (MaPS) has launched a new directory which lists firms which could offer travel insurance for you. You can access the directory. Alternatively, you can also phone MaPS on 0800 138 7777 for more information (Monday – Friday 8am to 6pm). If this is relevant to you, please consider whether the travel insurance that comes with this account is the right one for you.
  • Account eligibility

    • You will need a deposit of £100,000 (or currency equivalent) to save and maintain with us within 6 months.
    • Or, you have a sole annual income (The amount you receive before tax) of £100,000 (or currency equivalent) and you are able to save and maintain a balance of £100,000 (or currency equivalent) with us within 12 months.
    • For joint accounts at least one of the applicants needs a gross annual income of that amount.

    Depending on legislation and regulations of the country you live in, we may not be able to offer you this account.

    Travel insurance eligibility

    • US and Canada residents are not eligible for travel insurance.

    Important information about maintaining £100,000 assets with us

    Eligibility for our Premier Banking service will be regularly reviewed to confirm you continue to meet the criteria. If you no longer meet the criteria, we will contact you to explain how we can continue to meet your International banking needs. We reserve the right to remove your Premier Banking service benefits and to move your Premier current account balance to a different account, which includes paying a monthly fee.

  • Sterling accounts

    No interest paid

    Euro accounts

    No interest paid

    US Dollar accounts

    No interest paid

Charges and fees

  • Planned and unplanned overdrafts

    Sterling international accounts

    Planned overdrafts (by prior arrangement, Sterling accounts only)

    Up to £200: no interest charged

    Over £200: Monthly interest at 1.23% (EAR 15.8%)

    Unplanned overdrafts Sterling international accounts

    Sterling international accounts monthly Interest at 1.23% (EAR 15.8%)


    1. How much we lend (if any) is subject to our assessment of your personal circumstances. Overdrafts are also repayable on demand.
    2. For the International (Sterling) Account the EAR quoted does not take into account the monthly fee. The Planned and Unplanned Overdraft borrowing rate EAR is calculated on the same basis. EAR stands for Equivalent Annual Rate. APR stands for Annual Percentage rate.

    Currency accouts

    Unplanned overdrafts on currency accounts

    Annual equivalent rate


    US Dollar


    5.00% + European Central Bank Rate (ECB rate)

    US Dollar

    5.00% + Federal Funds Rate (FED rate)

    Please contact us  for the latest rates or for further information on Unplanned Overdraft charges for these accounts.

    For more information on overdraft charges on sterling International Accounts, download our Overdrafts rates and charges guide (PDF, 129 KB) .

  • Current charges and fees

    Currency of the Premier debit card

    Fee for issuing the card

    Currency conversion fee*

    Cash withdrawals

    ATM limit

    Currency of the Premier debit card


    Fee for issuing the card

    FREE with international accounts

    Currency conversion fee*


    Cash withdrawals


    ATM limit


    Currency of the Premier debit card

    US Dollar

    Fee for issuing the card

    FREE with international accounts

    Currency conversion fee*


    Cash withdrawals


    ATM limit


    Currency of the Premier debit card


    Fee for issuing the card

    FREE with international accounts

    Currency conversion fee*


    Cash withdrawals


    ATM limit


    ^The Sterling Cash withdrawals fee for withdrawals of Euro inside the EEA was removed from 13th December 2019.

    • Fees taken from the account used for the chargeable transaction.
    • The conversion fee only applies when the transaction is in different currency to that of the card. For example, there is no currency conversion fee when you use a US Dollar Debit Card to draw US Dollars in cash, or to purchase goods and services in the United States.
    • The European Economic Area (EEA) means the countries in the European Union plus Iceland, Norway and Liechtenstein.
  • International Moneymover Service*


    • through Internet Banking
    • through International PhoneBank, in branch, or in writing
    • through Standing Order
    • to your other accounts held with Lloyds Banking Group.

    Correspondent Bank Fee*

    Zone 1 (USA, Canada and Europe)

    (Note: For the purposes of the Correspondent Bank Fee, Europe is defined as all EEA countries plus Jersey, Guernsey, Isle of Man, Monaco, San Marino and Switzerland)


    Zone 2 (Rest of the world)


    Electronic Funds Transfer
    (CHAPS payments within the British Isles)


    Recalling a payment

    £20 per payment

    We cannot guarantee the cancellation as funds may already have been paid to the beneficiary.

    You could receive less than the original amount of the payment, due to adverse exchange rate movements.

    * When making an International Payment there are two charging methods:

    Split Charges: Recipient and Correspondent banks abroad may charge a fee for receiving payments which will be paid by the recipient if you choose to share charges.

    Pay all Charges: A Correspondent Bank Fee will be payable for international payments where you choose to pay the charges for the recipient, if you are permitted to do so based upon the destination of the payment and the type of account that you hold. The Correspondent Bank Fee replaces all Correspondent bank charges. The recipient bank may still charge its customer a fee but we cannot provide information about such a fee. The amount of the Correspondent Bank Fee depends on the location of the recipient bank.

  • Electronic Bank Transfer from another financial institution


    Cheque Collections

    Cheques up to £100: £5

    Cheques of £100 and above:
    25p per £100 (minimum £15, maximum £80 per cheque)

    Cheque negotiation to Sterling account


    The correspondent bank may impose an additional charge based on the value of the cheque.

    Cheques up to £100: £5

    Cheques of £100 and above:
    25p per £100 (minimum £15, maximum £80 per cheque)

    Cheques in a foreign currency drawn in a different country (e.g. US Dollars drawn in France, but not UK):
    25p per £100 (minimum £10, maximum £80 per cheque)

    Cheque negotiation to currency account

    The correspondent bank may impose an additional charge based on the value of the cheque.

    Cheques in the same currency as the account: £2 per cheque

    Cheques requiring currency conversion: £4 per cheque

  • Supplying copies of previous bank statements

    £5 per sheet (maximum of £10)

    An administration charge may be made for excessive requests

  • Please note there are separate versions of the terms and conditions documents for:

    1. accounts which until 1 August 2022 were held with Lloyds Bank (International Services) Limited (LBISL) and 
    2. all other accounts held with Lloyds Bank Corporate Markets plc (LBCM) which were NOT held with Lloyds Bank (International Services) Limited accounts until 1 August 2022.
  • What is a debit card?

    A debit card is a payment card that allows you to make transactions online and in shops for any number of goods and services, and takes payment directly from your bank account. Millions of people use debit cards, and you get one with most Lloyds Bank International current accounts.

    With a debit card, you can:

    • book or buy online, in shops, or over the phone
    • take out money from any Cashpoint® in the UK, or cash machines around the world
    • use your card worldwide, whenever you see the Visa symbol
    • call us 24 hours a day if you have a problem with your Lloyds Bank International debit card.

    Many debit cards are now contactless, which makes paying for everyday things even easier.

    Contactless cards are designed to make your life that little bit easier. Contactless cards allow you to pay for goods up to £100 without needing to enter your PIN. Many shops, restaurants, and businesses have contactless reader devices which make transactions faster and smoother. Millions of people use contactless debit cards.

    Most contactless payments will appear in the main section of your online statement within a few days. However, some transactions may show first in the ‘View pending transactions’ section.

    Please note: Not all Contactless Card transactions appear immediately on your Online & Mobile Banking statements. If you can’t see a transaction please wait a few days for it to be added to your statement.

    How does contactless work?

    Contactless is a way of making paying for things swifter and simpler. If you have a contactless card and are paying for something in a shop, restaurant, or business that has a contactless reader, all you need to do is hold your contactless card over the reader to pay. If the price is under £100, you don’t need to even enter your PIN.

    The first time you use your contactless card for a transaction, you’ll need to enter your PIN. Once you've done that, all future transactions can be contactless. You need to hold your card very close to the reader (around 2 – 4 centimetres) for it to work. If the price of the transaction is over £100, you will need to key in your PIN as normal.

    For added security, every now and again you might be asked to enter your PIN for transactions under £100. This is likely to happen if you make several contactless transactions in a row.

    How to use contactless

    1. Look for the contactless symbol when paying.
    2. Simply touch your contactless card against the reader.
    3. A beep or green light shows your payment is being processed.
    4. Your payment is approved.

    How do I know if I have a contactless card?

    All contactless cards have the contactless symbol on them. The symbol is four curved lines radiating rightwards (a lot like a Wi-Fi symbol turned on its side). It looks like this:

    Graphic of a hand holding a bank card over the contacless payment logo. The logo has four curved lines radiating rightwards - imitating an airborne signal.

    If you have this symbol on the front of your debit card, you can start using the contactless method of paying immediately.

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