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Tax year end and our Share Dealing ISA

Frequently asked questions about our Share Dealing ISA, including information you need to know at tax year end.

About our Share Dealing ISA

With a share dealing ISA you can save tax-efficiently.

  • Invest up to £20,000, less any amount you’ve invested in a lifetime, cash and/or innovative finance ISA this tax year.
  • Invest your money in a wide range of ISA qualifying UK and international stocks and shares, funds and more. You also decide exactly what to invest in because our ISA is self-select.
  • Start investing online from £11 dealing commission per deal, and benefit from our reduced rate of £8 dealing commission if you trade online 8 or more times per quarter.

Please note: Tax treatment depends on your individual circumstances and tax rules may change. We charge an administration charge on the Share Dealing ISA of £20 every six months. View our dealing commission and administration charges.

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