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Capital Protected Fund

Scottish Widows recently sent you information about your Capital Protected Fund, which is maturing in the near future. You need to consider your options and let Scottish Widows know what you’ve decided as soon as possible.

Remember: If your investment is currently in an ISA you can transfer it to another ISA and retain the ISA status on your money without affecting your allowance for the current tax year.

You may find the following information useful when deciding what to do with your investment.

Learn more about Savings

View all our savings accounts to help you choose the right one.

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Learn more about Cash ISAs

Lloyds Bank offer a range of cash ISAs that may meet your needs.

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Transfer your ISA

If you would like to transfer an existing ISA from another provider to a Cash ISA with us, you will first need to open a new ISA. Once you have your account details, our online transfer form can be used to request the transfer.

If you’re transferring from a Stocks and Shares ISA the investments you currently hold in your Stocks and Shares ISA will have to be sold and it is possible that you could lose out if there is a rise in the market whilst the transfer is being completed and we do not accept responsibility for any such loss.

Also, please be aware that your current Stocks and Shares ISA provider may impose exit charges or other costs associated with transfer which you will be responsible for paying - please check this with your current provider.

Transfer your ISA to Lloyds Bank

Withdraw the funds from the investment in cash

If you wish to receive the proceeds of your investment in cash, please complete and return the Investment Proceeds Form you received with the letter from Scottish Widows. They will then send you a cheque for the proceeds.

Please remember that if you opt to withdraw the funds as cash, you will lose any tax benefits if your investment was held in an ISA. This would mean that you would only be able to use any unused current and future tax years’ ISA allowances if you decided later that you did want to use an ISA.

Is there any further information available?

You may find it useful to look at the Should I save or invest? section of our website, which talks through the differences between the two. This could help you to decide whether saving or investing would suit you better as your circumstances may have changed since you first took out your investment.

We do not offer advice on investments, but the Money Advice Service has a range of helpful financial guides online, as well as details of Independent Financial Advisers near you.

If you have a significant level or savings and investments, or income, then you may benefit from financial advice.