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Agreement in Principle

An Agreement in Principle (AIP) is the first step to getting a mortgage. It’s sometimes called a Mortgage Promise or a Decision in Principle, and lets you know how much you could borrow before you apply for a mortgage.  

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What is an Agreement in Principle?

An Agreement in Principle (AIP) is the first step to getting a mortgage which lets you know how much you could borrow. It will also give you an idea of the properties you can afford. Estate agents often ask to see an AIP. It shows that you're serious about buying.

You'll get an instant decision if you apply between 6am and 10pm Monday to Saturday, or 6am and 9pm Sunday. Otherwise we'll give you a decision the next day.

Once you've got your AIP, you can make a full mortgage application when you’re ready. You can apply in branch, by phone, or online via a video appointment.

It's quick and easy to apply for an AIP.

  • It should take about 15 minutes
  • We'll need to know details of your income and outgoings
  • You'll also need your addresses for the last 3 years.

We'll do a soft credit check as part of the process. This won't affect your credit rating or your ability to borrow in the future. Only you can see soft credit checks on your credit report.

Apply for an Agreement in Principle

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